The Reflection

Project Description

The Reflection

The Reflection

This popular demanded rectangular pool offers not only versatility in terms of placement on your rear yard but it also provides a simplistic structure to suit every home and still have the practicality that you want from a swimming pool.

Reflection Fiberglass Toronto Pools


Length Width Shallow Depth Deep Depth
32′.10″ 12′.6″ 4′.3″ 6′
29′.7″ 12′.6″ 4′.3″ 5′.10″
26′.3″ 12′.6″ 4′.3″ 5′.8″
23′ 12′.6″ 4′.3″ 5′.6″

With it’s straight modern rectangle shape, the Reflection fiberglass pool has been the most sought after design in Toronto & Vaughan fiberglass pools. Full length side bench with side steps.


Looking for a Caribbean sea fiberglass pool to reflect on, or something more bold. These colour ranges will not disappoint.

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