The Riviera

Project Description

The Riviera

The Riviera

Bring the resort to your backyard, with it’s freeform design this curvy fiberglass pool is resort living at it’s best. Gentle entries, lot’s of seating and swim up ledges. Just a great addition to any home.


Length Width Shallow Depth Deep Depth
34′ 14.3′ 3.8′ 5.11′
30.2′ 14.3′ 3.8′ 5.7′
26.5′ 12.5′ 4′ 5.4′

Leisure’s Riviera fiberglass inground pool is a landscaper’s favourite with it’s free flowing curves and design it fits well with any home style or landscape.  Using Armour stone water fall or sleek mason stone wall this pool fits in.

The Riviera’s good looks are not its only feature as this pool is truly a great pool for the family. The large wrap around bench at the shallow end is a great feature. Not only is it a play area for the kids but it’s just perfect for adult seating as well. The wide steps give access to the bench area and also to the floor of the pool.

The Riviera is one of our most popular pools because it combines landscaping versatility with a functionality that will suit any family.


Looking for a Caribbean sea fiberglass pool to reflect on, or something more bold. These colour ranges will not disappoint.

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