The Ultimate

Project Description

The Ultimate

The Ultimate

With its clean, contemporary lines, and incorporation of the most popular built-in features, this pool is the Ultimate backyard paradise that can accommodate any number of activities.

Ultimate Fiberglass Pool


Length Width Shallow Depth Deep Depth
40′ 15.6′ 4′ 6.11′
35′ 15.6′ 4′ 6.6′
30′ 15.6′ 4′ 6.1′

 Some measurements are rounded.

The Ultimate lives up to its name in size and convenience. At 40’ in length, it sports plenty of room for recreation and relaxation. The Ultimate not only features a large, open swimming corridor, but also a built in spa, a swim out bench and a large splash deck as well, making it by far one of the most versatile pools we offer.


Looking for a Caribbean sea fiberglass pool to reflect on, or something more bold. These colour ranges will not disappoint.

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